Keywords in programming languages

Cutout of keywords and important characters used in programming languages:

! != # % & && * + / // := ; < << <= <> = == > >= >> ^ | || ~

A: and andalso as

B: begin bool boolean break byte

C: char continue

D: dim div do double

E-F: else end exit false float

I: if int int16 int32 int64 int8 integer

L: long longint longword loop

M-Q: mod not or orelse qword

R: real rem repeat

S: sbyte shl short shortint shr signed single smallint

T: then true

U: ubyte uint uint16 uint32 uint64 uint8 uinteger ulong ulongint unsigned until ushort

W-X: wend while word xor


Visual Basic – Hello World

Here you can find the Hello World program in Visual Basic programming language:


Module Test
 Sub Main()
 MsgBox("Hello world!")
 End Sub 
End Module


Hello world!


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C# – Hello World

Here you can find the Hello World program in C# programming language, after output it waits for press enter:


using System;
namespace TestApl
    class Program
        static void Main() 
            Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");


Hello World!

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